'Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au'

As the well known saying from the people of the Whanganui river highlights, connection to 'WAI' is paramount.

Making meaningful "WAI connections" and encouraging positive connections in various ways is essential to our well being.  

Kaitiakitanga practices are a means of interacting with the environment, helping to restore the mauri and wellbeing of waterways and in the process increasing physical activity at the same time. Activity being driven by a strong kaupapa (purpose) rather than activity for activities sake. Physical activity from this perspective then becomes an incedental outcome. 

To do this however we must provide opportunities for whānau to build that relationship and connection. The potential for long terms health benefits perhaps far greater because the incentive is strongly rooted in cultural connection rather than short term prescribed interventions.  

Connection to the taiao (environment) is something that we promote as a first point of call.

See below to hear kōrero related to wai. Have your own examples and would like to share? let us know!       

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