To see Rangatahi, Whānau, Hapū, Iwi freely utilizing their cultural identity as the foundation for maintaining Oranga Wairua, Oranga Hinengaro and Oranga Tīnana.

Rangatahi will maintain who they are as members of unique whānau, Hapū, Iwi. They will contribute to the well-being of others, be innovators, and global travellers like their navigator ancestors before them.


Young people today are connected to the world at increasingly faster speeds and in more ways than ever before. Like all things this comes with both awesome opportunity and pressure and expectation to succeed.

We have taken a broad scope approuch to identifying information & services benefitial for rangatahi and those working in rangatahi youth developement spaces.

(we will endeavour to ensure that the organisations that appear in this portal are reputable, provide a high standard of service, and are safe for young people to access. We welcome your comments and feedback)


Whakapā Mai

Rangatahi Tū Rangatira
7-9 Barnes Street
Seaview, Lower Hutt

(04) 920 1483
[email protected]

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