Traditionally played where opponents tried to snatch Raukura (feathers) out of each others hair (top knots) or from the Tipare (headband) the tākaro promote speed (reaction time), dexterity and spatial awareness. 

TOHUTOHU (Instructions)

In Pairs or groups of 4 or more

Capture as many raukura as you can, person with the most raukura after a set time or the last one still in play wins.

HUANGA (Benefits)

Improve reflexes, spatial awareness, reading an opponents movements and body language, peripheral vision. A great way to warm up, whakawhānaungatanga, have a laugh, and generally encourage participation and engagement.


Groups can play elimination style.

Using rippers worn on belts or shorts as a warm up before a game.


2 people minimum

PAPATĀKARO (Playing surface)

Small area needed, indoors is fine.

RAUEMI (Resources)

  • Raukura (Feather)
  • Tipare (headband)
  • Paper (Improvised version using paper held gently in the mouth)  

Whakapā Mai

Rangatahi Tū Rangatira
7-9 Barnes Street
Seaview, Lower Hutt

(04) 920 1483
[email protected]

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